Mobile Application Development

Billions of Smartphone users, Billions of Apps downloads. Almost 90 billion Smartphone and tablet apps will be downloaded this year as per survey by a leading media group. As mobile adoption grows, businesses are imperative to move towards mobile enabled business. These are good indicators for increasing market reach and innovative use of mobile technology from a customer-facing perspective.

Our android based mobile applications uniquely implement Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) Application development as well as custom application development. Besides an experienced developer team, our tools are,

iPhone, iOS, iPad Targeted Applications

GreenTuple enjoy some of the best iOS and MAC development wizardry in the industry. Our years of focus on iOS, iPhone, and iPad applications and expertise in ObjectiveC earned us many awards like internal excellence award for meeting Apple Guidelines in a consistent way.

Windows Phone 8 Applications

At GreenTuple we strictly follow Microsoft design principles to design futuristic Windows Phone 8 applications. Our enhanced graphical interphase ensures user friendly and flexible application performance. Our offering not only includes “genuinely designed for windows” applications, but also redesigning and porting other platform applications to suit windows mobile 8 platform.Windows Phone 8 applications team collaborates with Windows Azure team to design tailor made and secure business applications.